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Fans And Surgeon React To Pujols Injury – FOX 2 Now June 20, 2011

June 21, 2011

Surgeon Worried About Damage To Soft Tissue
Cardinal Fans are concerned about Albert Pujols‘ injury and how long he will be on the disabled list.  Red Bird fan Dennis Weil said, “I’m worried it could be longer yeah definitely a wrist injury it’s going to re-occur or has the potential to, could be a problem.”

St. Louis sports medicine surgeon Dr. Rick Lehman agrees, “The one thing you know it’s a bad injury in a baseball player and it’s a terribly bad injury in a homerun hitter or power hitter.”  Lehman has no doubt the bone will heal, he’s more concerned about the soft tissue around the bone.   Lehman added, “No one knows what the end result will be.

So, is he going to have some residual weakness, some residual soreness?  Maybe in a four game series he can’t go all four games etc.  Really there are a lot of questions.

It’s the uncertainty that adds to the fans’ distress.  Twelve year old Kalib Carlyle said, “It kind of hit me like a punch in the stomach, it was pretty bad it was kind of sad when it happened.”

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