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Dr. Rick’s 2010 Spring Training Workout

May 9, 2011

To ensure peak performance this summer—whether you’re a young athlete or an aging weekend warrior—the following spring training workout is one to help you stay in the game.

Focus on these exercises for a chance to defy your age and maybe even put MVP-like numbers. Here are the rules:

  • do each exercise 25 repitions once, with only 5 seconds rest between each exercise
  • some of the exercises can be done using weights or resistance bands
  • always stretch before and after your workout

upper body

  • bent over dumbell row or band pulldown over door (examples: dumbellband)
  • single arm dumbell row or band stiff arm extension (examples: dumbellband)
  • floor dumbell chest press (examples: dumbell)
  • band standing chest press (examples: band)
  • standing dumbell shoulder press (examples: dumbell)
  • standing dumbell front shoulder raise (examples: dumbell)
  • standing dumbell lateral shoulder raise (examples: dumbell)
  • standing dumbell bicep curl /band (examples: dumbellband)
  • standing dumbell triceps overhead extension/band (examples: dumbell)

lower body

  • squat with dumbells/band (examples: dumbellband)
  • lunge with dumbells/band (examples: dumbellband))
  • stiff leg bent over dumbells (examples: dumbell)
  • wall sit (examples: wall)


  • bent knees crunch (example)
  • bent knee lower leg roll (example)
  • front plank hold 25 seconds (example)
  • side plank hold 25 seconds each (example)
  • sitting jack knife hold 25 seconds (example)
  • superman pose hold 25 seconds (example)

1) diet – 2) hydration – 3) exercise

males  ≤ 2,300 calorie daily diet
5 meals/day consisting of 400 calories each
females ≤ 1,700 calorie daily diet
5 meals/day consisting of 300 calories each
increase protein, decrease simple carbohydrates
read labels – 50% of diet should be protein
no baked goods
weigh-in every monday before eating

at least 3 bottles of water per day
light or 0 calorie beverages and gatorade are okay in moderation
vitamin water, sobe, crystal light, etc
no soda
limit alcohol to 2 drinks twice per week

cardio – walking, running, elliptical, bicycle, swimming, etc.
start ½ mile every day x 1 week
increase to 2 miles every day x 2 weeks
increase to 3 miles every day
increase to resistance training 2 x week and cardio 4 x week
resistance training – weights, thera-bands, sports conditioning, etc.
5 minute general before exercise
start 2 x week with cardio 4 x week
increase to cardio 3 days and resistance 3 day
upper, lower, core – skip a day then repeat
increase intensity every week

good luck and get fit!!!

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