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Big Guide to Common Football Injuries

December 19, 2011

Football season is coming to a close. The playoffs are right around the corner. And so it’s time we wrap up our common football injury posts with a roundup. Here are all the posts together in one place.

Please share and enjoy the playoffs!

Torn Knee Cartilage [Meniscus]: Common Football Injuries

Tearing the cartilage that stabilizes your knee–it’s called the meniscus–can be a minor, medium or major injury. Here’s how to protect that little rubbery band on your knee.

Football Injuries: Lacerations

Lacerations–think cuts–happen pretty frequently on the grid iron. Most injuries are minor and can be ignored. Others are more severe and need attention immediately. Here’s what you need to know.

Common Football Injuries: Burners (Neck Injury)

What’s the fastest way to open up the eyes of a 6’5″ 320 pound lineman? Give him a burner. Read more.

A Short Guide to Dislocated Shoulders

Dislocated shoulders are pretty common when it comes to playing football. Constant rotation and exposure to hits from being tackled or tackling make it a common injury. So how do you prevent shoulder dislocations and treat them? Here’s how.

Are Bruises Really That Simple to Treat? Football Injuries

Bruises are easily the most common injury suffered in football. What with the constant physical contact from helmets, knees, shoulders and sometimes shoes, every football player is bound to walk off the field with at least one bruise. So how do you treat and even prevent them. Read on.

Football Injuries: Concussions

Concussions are getting a lot of attention in football recently, one because we are starting to learn the long term impact that concussions have on players. But it’ also getting a lot of press because of how much we don’t understand–or misunderstand–about the injury. Here’s what you need to know.

Football Injuries: Neck Sprains

When it comes to sports injuries and football, neck sprains are pretty common. But football players can get them in some of the most unusual ways. Take Gus Ferrotte, for example.

Injury Prone Football Players: Danario Alexander

You can’t avoid injuries in football, especially at the professional level. Some players bounce right back never to get injured again. Others aren’t so lucky, like wide receiver on the Rams team, Danario Alexander.

High Ankle Sprains and Sam Bradford

About mid season, Rams quarterback Sam Bradford suffered a high ankle sprain. What is a high ankle ankle sprain? It’s a sprain of the syndesmotic ligament, the ligmament that connects the tibia with the fibula of the lower leg. Let me explain.

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