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How to Avoid the 8 Most Common Causes of Back Pain

September 8, 2011

After headaches, back pain is the second most common neurological problems that people suffer. But it’s not just a sports injury. Any one can suffer from back pain. What causes back pain? Here are the most common causes and simples ways to avoid them:

1. Lifting with the back

You can avoid most lower back pain by simply lifting heavy objects correctly. Instead of bending over and then lifting with your back, bend down with your knees, grab the heavy object and then lift with your legs, keeping your back straight. Your back will appreciate.

2. Turning or twisting in strange positions

Athletes can find themselves suffering from back pain when they are not warmed up and then turn suddenly. And we’ve all probably made that sudden turn or twist that sent a sharp pain up our back. Sufficiently warm up before playing any sports or engaging in physical activities, like do-it-yourself projects.

3. Using bad posture

Anybody who works at a desk probably suffers from lower back pain. It’s just hard to keep a straight back while you’re sitting in a chair all day. But that’s exactly what you have to do. It doesn’t help that our commutes are getting longer and longer so that we are sitting down even more often than normal.

4. Exercising too little or improperly

Back pain can often be treated successfully by simply building up your core. These are easy exercises that take about five minutes to perform. Proper form during exercises is especially important, especially for body builders.

5. Enduring too much stress

This one may surprise you, but it’s true. Reduce or eliminate unnecessary stress out of your life and you may relieve back pain. And for that stress that you can’t get rid of because it’s part of your job, learn how to cope with it through breathing exercises and other activities that teach you to relax. Also remember to rest.

6. Not drinking enough water

May sound silly, but dehydration can cause irritation in your lower back that leads to chronic pain. Think about it: back pain relief for you could be as easy as 8 glasses of water a day.

7. Wearing poor-fitting shoes

People who have to stand all day at their jobs know what it’s like to wear the wrong type of shoe. That’s why it’s important to visit a good shoe store and spend a little extra money for proper fitting shoes with enough cushion to shield your lower back from chronic pain.

8. Being overweight

Shedding excess weight from your body can lead to pain relief in your lower back. Visit your physician to talk appropriate exercise schedule. Talk to a nutritionist about a healthy diet. And reduce stress. All three of these can lead to weight loss that will eliminate your back pain.

Dr. Rick Lehman is a distinguished orthopedic surgeon in St. Louis, Missouri and an articular cartilage reconstruction pioneer He owns U. S. Sports Medicine in Kirkwood, MO, and LehmanHealth. Learn more about Dr. Rick.


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